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    Salam 1 gempak,, apa shortcut key ntuk recovery netbook 1 malaysia eMachine.?

    STEP 1 :

    Power on or reboot your computer. Press F11 when you see the prompt text on the bottom of of the screen when it gets to the POST screen. (Or simply reboot the machine and keep pressing F11 repeatedly until the Windows 7 system restore process starts)

    STEP 2 :

    Choose the type of system restore you’d like to perform. The choices include -
    Non-Destructive System Restore – This recovers the operating system, all programs, and drivers that were installed by default. Any files currently on the computer should not be damaged by this process. (Meaning that you get to keep all of your documents, pictures, videos, etc when using this option.
    Full System Restore (Destructive) - Formats the hard drive and restores Windows 7 and all of the default system software/drivers. All data on the hard drive will be lost, so be sure to back everything that you want to keep up first!
    Full System Restore (With Backup [Advanced Option]) – Moves the contents of the hard drive to the C:\My Backup folder and installs a new copy of Windows. All of your existing data will be saved using this option, but any non-factory standard programs will need to be reinstalled. At least 4GB of hard drive space is required for this.

    STEP 3 :

    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the system restore process.
    Betty, in your case you’ll likely need to do the destructive full system restore because your OS is hosed and you can’t boot to it in order to backup your files. However, do keep in mind that depending on what your daughter’s friend did to erase the OS there may actually still be files that you can recover stored on your hard drive. In order to get to them though you’ll need to either yank the hard drive out and hook it up to another machine, or boot to a Bart PE disc and copy the files to a flash drive. You could also try the non-destructive full system restore as well, but I cannot guarantee how well that will work.
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